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When you enter a deal with another business, you expect and trust that business to fulfill its end of the agreement. When you buy insurance, you believe that your interests are protected. Unfortunately, large corporations and governmental entities often use their size and resources take advantage of less sophisticated people or companies.

At Colderbank Law Inc., we have seen this all too many times before. We represent small family-owned businesses in the Sacramento, California and the surrounding areas. Who do we sue? Big business that have broken contracts, avoided payment for work or products, or that have otherwise used their vast resources to bully smaller partners in business deals. Builders and land developers that have defects or are contaminated by toxic chemicals. The state or governmental entity responsible for wrongdoing. Insurance companies that refuse to honor their obligations that you have paid for.

A Former Corporate Attorney Representing Small Businesses

Attorney Tania H. Colderbank used to defend Fortune 500 clients against lawsuits by consumers and individuals. She has both sued the State and defended the state at the Department of Justice. She often felt that she was on the wrong side of these disputes. Wherever she was she was astonished how corporations and the government would use their money and resources to simply outlast and outwit their opponents, even when they had clear liability.

Today, Tania primarily represents those individuals and businesses wronged by others, and uses her knowledge of corporate and government strategies in these cases to give our firm a distinct advantage in civil litigation and business litigation. In legal matters involving small business collections, breach of contracts, interference with contract, general negligence, and other tortious conduct. Colderbank Law Inc. is a trusted and effective legal resource.

Quality Representation For Any Northern California Business

At our firm, we believe that every small business deserves the same quality of representation as a large corporation. That’s why we offer effective trial representation for all small businesses, including ranchers, contractors, trade partners, subcontractors, farmers, store owners, or any other small business owner who has legal issues or needs assistance.

For an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer to discuss your case — from a breach of contract to a small business collections matter — call 916-930-6144, toll free at 888-426-9431, or contact us online.

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