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A Different Kind of Law Firm

Colderbank Law Inc. takes a unique approach to protecting its clients’ interests. In her early years as an attorney, Tania Colderbank’s practice involved representing Fortune 500 companies, corporate conglomerates, and insurance companies, where she learned the ins and outs of the corporate world and the strategies and practices used by those companies. Colderbank Law’s motto is taken from the Art of War.

“If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.” — Sun Tzu, “Art of War, Strategic Attack.”

Because we have previously represented builders and been involved in lawsuits against hundreds of subcontractors, we know how the opponent thinks. This no doubt accounts for our excellent reputation in the field and high levels of client satisfaction. We know what motivates both plaintiffs and defendants, and that is not the kind of experience you will find at most law firms. It is, however, frequently the difference between a trial and a settlement, or a win and a loss.

Tania always puts her clients’ interests before her own. Unlike other attorneys, she is selective about the cases she chooses to take and prefers a small caseload so she can give you, your families, and your livelihoods the attention they deserve. To schedule an initial consultation with attorney Tania Colderbank, call us at 916-930-6144 or contact us online.

Our Mission Statement

We recognize that accidents and third parties’ negligence can cause tragic consequences to you or your entire family. Our first and foremost goal is to seek justice, or that dollar amount that makes you whole. Our office is committed to doing a thorough investigation and evaluation of your case before agreeing to represent you. In addition to litigating your case, we will also seek all appropriate avenues to resolve your case prior to filing a lawsuit, such as settlement, mediation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution options. If those do not work, we will comprehensively prepare you and your case for trial, keeping you apprised of all significant developments along the way.

Our Clients

Colderbank Law Inc. not only represents homeowners, but also small family-owned businesses. Most law firms focus solely on one side or the other, this lack of flexibility often leads to a loss of perspective and limits creative solutions and strategies. It always brings a fresh and insightful outlook to each and every case.

We are committed to helping clients in the cities surrounding Sacramento, including El Dorado County and specifically the communities of Stonebriar and Serrano. If you are outside of these areas, but in California, Colderbank Law Inc. may still be able to take your case. If not, we may be able to refer you to an attorney in your area. Our experience ranges from handling complex cases with hundreds of parties to assisting our business clients deal with their day-to-day headaches, whether it be a small claims case or a contract issue.

Our Initial Consultation

Before accepting any case, our team analyzes the facts, the parties, information regarding these parties’ patterns, legal theories, and the likelihood of success. While no two clients (or cases) are ever the same, Colderbank Law Inc. decides if the case is a good fit for the office and if we have all the necessary resources to dedicate to your case. A candid discussion between the attorney and potential client follows, providing you with the thumbnail sketch of our plan, and various fee agreement options to maximize your recovery. Unlike the client intake process in other firms, you will not meet with a paralegal or law clerk.

We believe that a successful attorney-client relationship must be based on mutual trust, we will take the time to explain the litigation process so that those that have had the fortune not to be involved with litigation know what to expect.

To learn more about how we can help you, contact us online or by calling 916-930-6144 (toll free at 916-930-6144).

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