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Settlements & Judgments

Previous Results in California

Many builders and developers are not anxious to advertise the amount of a large settlement and are more comfortable entering into a settlement that contains a confidentiality provision that prevents the homeowners and the attorneys from telling people about the settlement amount. Imagine a neighborhood of tract homes where one home gets a $750,000 settlement. What happens next? All of the other homeowners in the neighborhood rally the homeowners and file another suit. This kind of precedent is dangerous for the builder and makes further settlements much more difficult for everyone involved. For this reason, an exemplar of settlements obtained below are not disclosed by case name.

Confidential Settlements

  • Family living ina single-family residence recovered in excess of $750,000 for construction defects, alternate living expenses, and toxic mold in El Dorado County.
  • Several million dollar plus settlements against the State of California for flooding of land.
  • Personal injury settlement for a car accident case in Sacramento County, elderly woman with broken arm recovered in excess of $384,000
  • Settlements in two complex civil litigation construction defect cases for between approximately $1.4 Million and $2.2 million dollars
  • Recovered $115,000 for a family of four for construction defect, alternate living expenses, and mold-related personal injury claims in Yolo County.
  • Homeowner settlement for construction defects and alternate living expenses in Sacramento County in excess of $200,000
  • Obtained global settlement from subcontractors of $890,000 in a mass tort construction defect case.
  • Obtained settlement for husband and wife totaling $75,000 from insurance company for denying homeowner claim for water intrusion; bad faith.
  • Single-family home in El Dorado Hills with leaky windows and other construction defects settles for an amount in excess of $125,000
  • $50,000 settlement obtained for motorcyclist in excess of defendant's policy limits
  • Settlements for monies owed to a small business owner in excess of $200,000 without even filing a lawsuit.
  • Single-family home in El Dorado Hills with leaky windows and other construction defects settles for an amount in excess of $125,000.

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