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On Your Side: An Effective Sacramento Trial Attorney

At Colderbank Law, we represent homeowners and small businesses in Sacramento, California as well as the surrounding counties of El Dorado County, Placer County, and Yolo County in civil litigation against large businesses and insurance companies. From payment disputes between small businesses and large corporations, to construction defects that put you and your family at risk, to personal injury and wrongful death cases, we can fight for you and your loved ones.

I frequently get asked why I switched sides from defending corporate America to representing the little guy against corporate America. The answer I always give is this: "I always felt like I was on the wrong side of dispute. I would think to myself everyday—if the plaintiff's attorney knew half of what I know—they would be getting paid right now. Now I am on the other side and I do know what they know." — Tania H. Colderbank, Esq.

Attorney Tania H. Colderbank used to defend large businesses facing lawsuits. Today, she utilizes that experience to even the playing field for small businesses and individual homeowners.

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