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Construction Defect Lawyer Sacramento and El Dorado Counties

Have you ever felt taken advantage of by corporate America? That the interests of you and your family were somehow less important in the eyes of the law than a corporation’s bottom line? At Colderbank Law Inc., we understand your frustration.

From our Sacramento office, we work every day to even the playing field for people and businesses in civil litigation disputes with developers, builders, subcontractors and insurance companies. If a construction defect has put your family at risk, if a personal injury has left you burdened with medical bills, or if a large corporation has failed to fulfill its end of a deal with your business, we can be your trusted advocate in court.

Match a big business’s quality defense with your own. Contact Colderbank Law Inc. for an initial consultation at 916-930-6144 to discuss your case with an experienced civil litigation attorney.

A Different Kind of Law Firm

Attorney Tania H. Colderbank worked for years at a large law firm, defending corporations and insurance companies in civil litigation disputes with consumers and homeowners. She noted then that large businesses had unfair advantages in civil litigation. She believed that if the other side knew half of what she knew, they could have easily obtained fair settlements for their clients.

Today, Tania works on the other side of these disputes, defending the rights of small businesses and individuals in a wide range of civil litigation matters. She does know what the big businesses know, because she has worked for them and knows their strategies and tactics. She uses that knowledge to give Colderbank Law Inc. a distinct advantage in civil litigation cases.

Your Success is Our Success

At Colderbank Law Inc., we offer contingency fees for our clients, meaning that we don’t get paid unless you win your case. If a contingency fee isn’t suited for your case, we offer a wide variety of payment options, including flat fees, hourly fees, and hybrid fees. Regardless of what fee structure you choose, our goal is always to achieve the highest quality results at the least cost to you.

Call 916-930-6144 (toll free at 888-426-9431) or contact us online for an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. From our Sacramento, California office, we serve clients throughout the greater Sacramento area and all surrounding areas.

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